“Laboratory of ideas”: Bertoni exhibition at Torino / Italia

Flaminio Bertoni @ Torino

During 14-29. January 2010, the gallery Cristiani in Torino / Italy featured life and works of Flaminio Bertoni with an extraordinary show called “Flaminio Bertoni. Laboratorio di idee” (laboratory of ideas).

Based on several private collections, Cristiani shows the works of Bertoni in about 50 exhibit pieces, particularly the period of the three decades between the 1930s up to the end of the 1950s.

For those who have the chance to visit this exhibition, please do take this unique opportunity to experience the outstanding works of a genius.

Frederico Tonozzi wrote this invitation address:

“Do you know what Flaminio Bertoni did? Yes, you do. Don’t you love Citroën Traction Avant, 2CV, DS? But what about that hidden visionary genius of the renowned Italian design and his second life as an artist? Meteor that left signs but no heirs, emigrant who was looking for fortune like many people and like a few of them found it in art, Flaminio now lives into oblivion. This is the first opportunity to tell his story through the original archives and the passionate struggle of his son Leonardo…”

For more information, see also the gallery website: Galleria Cristiani di Torino, www.cristiani.net

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