“Laboratory of ideas”: Bertoni exhibition at Torino / Italia

Flaminio Bertoni @ Torino

During 14-29. January 2010, the gallery Cristiani in Torino / Italy featured life and works of Flaminio Bertoni with an extraordinary show called “Flaminio Bertoni. Laboratorio di idee” (laboratory of ideas).

Based on several private collections, Cristiani shows the works of Bertoni in about 50 exhibit pieces, particularly […]

“L’Uomo della 2CV” – Italian books about Flaminio Bertoni

2008: "Bertoni Citroen" (editor: Leonardo Bertoni)

Title: “Bertoni Citroen” Editor: Bertoni Leonardo Year of publication: 2008 N° pages: 192 Language: italien ISBN: 978-88-8340-390-3

"Flaminio Bertoni – La vita, il genio e le opere" (2002)

Title: “Flaminio Bertoni – La vita, il genio e le opere” Editor: Bertoni Leonardo Year of publication: […]

Video: Flaminio Bertoni Design at YouTube

Video Report: Museo Flamino Bertoni, Varese

Video Report: The Style of Flaminio Bertoni http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Jxe6EgvFY

Design Evolution of the Citroen DS, known as the “Goddess”

Roland Barthes: the Citroën DS cathedral

Roland Barthes – Mythologies (1957)

Roland Gérard Barthes’ famous quote about the Citroen DS:

“I think that cars today are almost the exact equivalent of the great Gothic cathedrals: I mean the supreme creation of an era, conceived with passion by unknown artists, and consumed in image if not in usage by […]

Expo Bertoni.com: Welcome – Bienvenue – Willkommen!

Welcome to the website of Amicale Flaminio Bertoni!

Discover on our pages the life and works of one of the world’s greatest stylists and designers from last century. This site is a hommage to Monsieur Bertoni – a genuis almost forgotten by history…

The pages are mainly written in French language but a translation […]